Spring 2017 Update

President’s Report

Tim Hartwick

As I write this article it’s pouring down rain, the soccer eld is drenched in water and the workers are trying to to make headway on the continued pavilion expansion while they are ankle deep in mud. e old roof over the open pavilion has been removed and we await sunny sky’s and a crane to arrive to start erecting the new trusses. It hasn’t been a great start to phase 2 of the expansion as we try and keep the already completed portion of the building from ooding and water damage (with very little success I might add). With only two months to go before camp starts it will be a real challenge to get the building completed and nished in order to start camp especially with these weather delays. Not only does the building need to be completed for occupancy the playing elds around the camp building need to be levelled and grass planted for the children to play on.

But life is full of challenges especially when it comes to the Lord’s work. at’s why we just need to trust that God is always in control. He has already directed the minds of campers to register for camp and camp is 80% full (that’s including the new 20 campers per week that the new building will allow). Am I worried, concerned about completing on time? e answer is YES! Not only is there a building to nish but a camp program to organize and set up. We need your prayers for strength and guidance. We need your skills and time to reach this coming July 1st deadline. e theme for this years camp program wraps around Canada’s 150th birthday with the key scripture verse coming from Psalms 150:2 “Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!”

It was because of His mighty act that we were able to be open during March for maple syrup days. It will be his excellent greatness that will be up and running for summer camp of 2017! Don’t just watch it happen – get involved and be a part of God’s plan out here at Agape Valley!

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